A Medical App for Everyone

People download mobile apps for all sorts of reasons — to manage finances, track exercise goals, find the best restaurants, and even to watch 15-second dance videos. Whether they are productive or simply distracting, mobile apps give us the freedom to access whatever we want, whenever we want it.   
There’s no reason healthcare can’t be the same way. Accessing your health records is your right and storing them on your phone makes perfect sense. Think about it: you’re at the doctor and she asks what medications you’re taking or the date of your last Tdap vaccine. You have three options:  
1. Memorize your entire health history 
2. Carry around paper records 
3. Pull records up on your phone 
Of the three, one stands out as the easiest and most efficient way to keep track of your health history. Using a mobile app to manage your prescriptions, vaccinations, allergies, providers, and more will make your medical care more personalized and effective, which is something we all want from our healthcare experience. Plus, the mobile app format is comfortable and familiar, so you won’t be spending extra time figuring out how to use it.   
If you or someone you care for has used the healthcare system in any capacity, you could (and should) be using a medical history app like Huddle Health. 
Patients. If you’ve ever visited a medical professional , you have a medical record. Wellness visits, dental cleanings, disease management, and accidental injury are just a few examples, but the list goes on. You can have instant access to all of your records simply by using a personal health app. 
Parents. Staying on top of your own healthcare is one thing; managing your household’s care is another. A mobile application that allows you to store everyone’s vaccination records, allergy information, and health histories is critical to your family’s organization (and your sanity). Bonus: when your child outgrows their pediatrician and changes providers, you’ll already have their records on hand.  
Caregivers. At some point in our lives, we’ll likely be responsible for the care of someone besides ourselves or our children. Whether it’s an aging parent or a relative with a chronic condition, it’s important to have the tools and resources to help them when they need it most. Using a mobile app to document and keep track of their records lets you focus on what matters—their care.  
Simply put: a mobile app for health records isn’t just for one type of person. We all use the medical system in one way or another and using a tool like Huddle to make that experience better is an easy choice.   
Caroline McNichols
As the Community Product Manager for Huddle Health, Caroline develops and executes community engagement programs for Huddle users.


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