Huddle is for healthcare providers

We understand the delicate balance of providing the best possible care while running an efficient practice. When patients use Huddle Health, the medical information you need is just a tap away. 

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Care plan clarity

It’s challenging for patients to keep track of all their records, medications, and care plans when they see multiple providers. When patients are struggling with a healthcare issue, tracking down their records in different portals can be daunting. 

With Huddle Health, patients’ medication lists and other relevant medical records can be securely shared with providers during their healthcare visit or even ahead of time. 

Patient history like never before

Find and reference relevant information

Track prescription changes over time

Consolidate records from multiple providers

"It’s great to be able to pull up your history for doctors' visits or anything you want. Best of all, you can edit and change your medication list anytime you feel necessary."
Rob L., Florida
"Huddle has just made daunting tasks easier. I know there will be more trips to the emergency room or stays in the hospital, but knowing that I have all my mother’s records organized makes these intakes and visits more manageable."
Theresa O., Maryland
"I have had many surgeries in my life, so trying to remember them is impossible. To be able to have the ability to put that much health history in one place is great."
Ivan S., West Virginia
"This is one of the best apps I have ever installed on my phone. It’s so great to have an app to place all your medications, hospitals, doctors’ offices, and other health information about yourself in one place."
Ronny T., Florida
"I put everything into Huddle. Now I can easily find what I need when I need it. I like that I can store everything in one place and stay organized."
Megan B., Maryland
"I didn’t know how important it was to keep everyone updated. The ability to take photos of medications, test results, referrals, and other important notes leaves no doubt if something was documented correctly."
Laura P., Arizona

Imagine Huddle Health as a patient’s personalized portal

Portals are used to share medical information with patients like lab results, prescriptions, care plans, bills, and more. But because there is no standardized patient portal, patients often have records in multiple places.

That’s where Huddle Health comes in. Huddle can “automagically” bring in their records from participating patient portals so they can centralize all those scattered records into a single application. 

Huddle up your medical history

Huddle Health is available for download wherever you get your apps. And it’s always 100% free. 

Your data, your rules

Huddle does not share, sell, or access user data or details. All records are encrypted and can only be accessed after proper user verification and authentication. Huddle users determine who can see their shared items and for how long. 

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