How to Digitize Your COVID-19 Vaccine Card

After a (very) long 12 months of waiting for relief, all Americans ages 16 andabove are now eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

After a (very) long 12 months of waiting for relief, all Americans ages 16 and above are now eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. The much-anticipated vaccine provides many folks with a glimmer of hope for the future and comes at a time when most of us are beyond ready to return to “normal” life. 

The upside of getting the vaccine is the freedoms it affords! The downside is keeping track of that paper card. Fortunately, several medical record mobile apps are available, including Huddle, that allow you to snap a photo of your card and “carry” it around with you. Apps like Huddle provide a convenient alternative to printed vaccination cards, which, let’s face it, are easily misplaced or forgotten. And, in the future, having your card handy is going to prove more useful than you might think. 

Vaccination Tracking at Healthcare Facilities

One of the first places you’ll likely see vaccination tracking is healthcare organizations such as hospitals, nursing homes, and doctors’ offices. New protocols require healthcare providers to assess the risk of admitting patients who may have been infected for fear of spreading infections to other patients or staff. As a result, doctor’s offices and hospitals might begin asking for proof of immunization when admitting new patients. 

It may also be required by people visiting loved ones in healthcare organizations such as nursing homes, assisted living facilities, maternity wards, or other units with high-risk patients

Proof of Vaccination for Travel 

Travel is another situation that could require vaccine documentation. It’s common practice to show proof of other vaccines when traveling abroad and the COVID-19 vaccine could follow similar regulations. Having access to your medical records in one simple application will simplify any necessary vaccination tracking when traveling. 

Providing Immunization Records at School, Work, or Social Gatherings

As we ease the rules around social distancing, some organizations are probably going to require vaccination cards or other proof of vaccination. This may include universities, daycares, and certain categories of employees like essential workers, healthcare professionals, or public officers.

Whether you’ll need your vaccine card to visit a loved one, travel the world, or return to work, the most important thing is the ability to access and share it without difficulty. Personal health record apps like Huddle allow you to store and share your proof of vaccination right from your phone. And that means one less thing for you to worry about

Caroline McNichols

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